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We are all spiritual beings living in a world of vibration. It’s time to discover how to become in tune with your true self.

Explore the World Within Yourself

Unique guided meditations.

Discover Your Full Potential

With custom lifestyle and diet planning, you too can discover the true you hiding inside.

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You’re only one gathering away from discovering your vibe tribe.

What People Say

This is no ordinary meditation group… it’s so much more. Words don’t do it justice. You have to experience it for yourself.

-Brittany Miloian


There is something here for everyone.

Group Meditation

Ecstatic Dance

Ayurvedic Diet Planning

The best kind of love is love that is given FREELY! Feel free to give in the act of charity to help support Vibe UPP’s continued and upcoming programs. We thank you for the support from the bottom of our hearts!