Are you a high vibing spirit soul looking for your vibe tribe? Do you have persistent questions aching in your heart to be answered? Are you looking for a way to naturally heal yourself from the inside out, cleansing the heart and the mind of the toxic nature of this modern world? Well, the Vibe UPP community project is on a mission to do just that. So, come join us in our many programs designed to help facilitate and guide you on a self healing journey. Events that include unique meditations, sound baths, breath work, yoga, ecstatic dance, ayurveda, natural herbs, conscious cooking courses and much, much more. There’s something here for everyone! Please feel free to reach out to us here on our contact page or through any of our social media platforms. We look forward to connecting with you!

Meet The Program Director

Ekanti Govinda Dasa

Ekanti has been on the road to self-realization since he was a young boy. Born into a simple Christian family, he has always been curious about life’s big questions. With a mindset geared towards knowing himself and his place in this world, he allowed his inquisitive mind to lead him on a path that would eventually guide him inward to discover the secret person of the heart. Since 2014, Ekanti has been marching to the beat of a new drum: following his heart to new vibrations, invoking spiritual realizations that inspired him to serve those around him in a unique and touching way, through the practice of Bhakti yoga. Fast forward to 2021: Ekanti has now started a new chapter in his life where he finally feels ready to serve the community at large in an impactful way. With the launch of his community project Vibe UPP, he’s on a mission to connect with those who also resonate on this heart driven frequency along with those who ultimately have the desire to work towards becoming the high vibing spirit soul that they truly are.