Cymatics Full Documentary (Part 1)

Bringing Matter to Life with Sound
Film by Dr. Hans Jenny
Introduction by Peter Guy Manners, M.D.

According to Peter Guy Manners, M.D., the effect of cymatic frequencies
can be seen in textures, structures, water and oil. In part one of the four part documentary on cymatics, you will find answers to many questions. In the introduction, Peter Guy Manners, M.D. states that “everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound,” which, when elaborated upon in this video, will enlighten one to the fantastic nature of life itself on this plane of existence. In Dr. Hans Jenny’s documentary, different shaped steel plates can be used to demonstrate cymatics upon by placing a crystal to the underside of the plate. This produces pattern formations that are unique to particular frequencies of sound. The changes in these pattern formations can be observed by increasing or decreasing the pitch of sound that vibrates the steel plate upon which sand or lycopodium has been placed. The sonorous figures represent stationary waves; however, it is possible to observe moving waves where currents are visible. If you find yourself drawn to the mysteries of structure and sound, consider
this full documentary on cymatics a wealth of information. Bringing matter to life with sound will broaden your awareness of the qualities of that which surrounds you as well as the miraculous properties within yourself.

Article by Ava Monroe

A generous sharer and seeker of knowledge, Ava Monroe has written many
informational pieces of non-fiction in her pursuit of enlightenment. In her spare
time, she enjoys writing both poetry and short stories that she hopes to have
published in the near future.