Ecstatic Bhakti 108 By: DJ Ekanti

Music is one of he most popular forms of vibration. Here at Vibe UPP we have a huge appreciation for all types of music and would like to express that through sharing. Ecstatic Bhakti 108 is the first ecstatic dance mix put together by myself, DJ Ekanti. Inspired by house music, reggae, kirtan, techno, psy-trance and meditational music, this mix is sure to stir the heart and move your feet.

Ecstatic Dance Jan. 15, 2022 By: DJ Ekanti

This is a heart felt offering mixed by Ekanti at an Ecstatic Dance event in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Blending together choice selections that invoked tears, laughter, soul stirring, trembling feet and a deep cleansing of the heart and mind.