Ayurvedic Diet & Meal Planning

  • Dosha Testing
  • Nutrient & Herbal Supplement Education
  • Meal planning & recipes
  • Conscious cooking & Eating Techniques
  • Weekly Check-ups & Consultations ( for 30+ day plans )

30 Minute Session

Ayurvedic diet planning consultation.


30 Day Session

30 days of ayurvedic diet and meal planning with weekly consultations.


6 Month Session

6 months of ayurvedic diet and meal planning with weekly consultations.


Book your own ecstatic dance at your event, venue or yoga studio.

What is ecstatic dance?

  • Meditation
  • Kirtan ( Live musical mantra )
  • Warm up yoga
  • Conscious DJ dance music performance
  • Cool down and reflection
  • Healthy ayurveda inspired snacks & refreshments

All events are family friendly and, FREE from drugs and alcohol.

5 Hour Ecstatic Dance Event

5 Hour conscious dance event. Includes: Meditation, kirtan, yoga, DJ performance and refreshments.


3 Hour Conscious DJ Performance

3 Hour conscious DJ Performance by: DJ Ekanti. Includes: Basic sound equipment and lighting.



Ayurvedic Catering

Healthy ayurvedic infused plant based/vegan snacks and refreshments. This price is based on a 35 person max event and includes a basic introduction on ayurveda and conscious cooking and eating. All food is prepared in a commercial kitchen and prepared by a professional ayurvedic chef.